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YOUR MEDICARE MINUTE #4: What’s So ‘Special’ About the “Special Benefits” for 2022?

US Capitol building Washington D.C. United States

YOUR MEDICARE MINUTE #4: What’s So ‘Special’ About the “Special Benefits” for 2022?

What’s so special about the “special benefits” that are available for the first time during this year’s “Annual Enrollment Period”?

What’s “special” about benefits for next year is the development of plans for hospital coverage and health insurance from the same holding company. All of the counties in Central Indiana covered by “Your Medicare Advocate Jay Cox” have at least one, or more often two or even three “hospital and insurance” programs. Please take a moment to consider the opportunity that such a situation offers you for 2022. 

When the Medicare Modernization Act became the law of the land back in 2005, the marketplace was dominated by the competing interests of hospital corporations and insurance companies.  Patients, as well as the independent agents representing them, were often caught in the middle of conflicting interests between two opposing parties that could create endless problems in the resolution of legitimate healthcare claims. 

But today we are at the point where fully 4 of the 8 Medicare Advantage programs available in Central Indiana for 2022 are the product of hospitals and insurers who are owned by the same corporate entity.  When both sides of the marketplace are reporting

to the same seniority, it becomes much easier for billing disputes to be resolved faster and safer for the consumer.

For the longest time, the Medicare markets have been controlled by the major insurance companies like Anthem, United Healthcare, Humana and Aetna.  But now in 2022, we also have hospitals like Community (North, East and South), St. Vincent’s / Ascension and the statewide IU Hospitals working on the same side as the health insurance companies that cover them. 

Because of this unique situation, the Medicare Advantage programs from these special relationships between hospitals and insurers can offer benefits unlike anything from the traditional insurance companies.  For example, the Indiana University Health Plan offers clients access to 16 hospitals statewide that are the only “nationally ranked” hospitals in Indiana.  They also offer “Hospital at Home” service.  The Ascension program for St. Vincent hospitals has a special “spiritual” program for helping clients cope with the trauma and stress of illness.  And “My Tru Advantage” from Community Hospitals is actually part of a plan that includes 5 more hospitals across the state, making truly wider access for Hoosiers to the advantage of Medicare Advantage plans.  The latest entrant, Zing Medical, was actually created by a consortium of doctors

In 2022, please take advantage of this synergy in the marketplace now.  Let “Your Medicare Advocate” Jay Cox show you new alternatives for your best interest.  Can’t wait to learn more about all “The Dozen Medicare Minutes” to come?  Click here to see the entire roster of subjects, and then choose any that you would like to read now.  And if you have questions, or if you are ready to enroll in a Medicare program for next year, click here and send us a message for a prompt response.

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