Affordable Health Insurance for Individuals and Families is BACK in Indiana!

Design your own program to meet your needs and save up to HALF compared to “Affordable Care Act (ACA)” Obamacare coverage.*

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Great News for All Hoosiers!

Individual and Family Health Insurance is back! As much as half off the cost of Affordable Care Act coverage (“Obamacare.”*)

We’re here to help, with what you need: If you DON’T have Health Insurance, you need to see us now! Simplified Issue, next day coverage for Individuals and Families.

And for Seniors on Medicare: if you moved, you must make a change. We have Great Carriers at Low Cost, with NO PREMIUMS and FREE DOCTOR VISITS.

Also: Retirement Planning for tomorrow’s needs. At Eastside Healthcare, we care about your health. And the health of your wealth. Learn the true impact of the new tax law on retirement planning for maximum income.

NOTE: if you get your health insurance from your spouse’s Employer plan, you need to compare the COST and the COVERAGE provided here. We have BETTER COVERAGE at LOWER COST! Take advantage of this great new opportunity to switch coverage today.

Talk to your Local Independent General Agent who is an expert on how to protect your health and build your wealth for a safe and secure future.

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    *No longer a tax penalty after December 31, 2018
    **Average age = 33, average family = 4. Coverage is available for everyone from age one day to 64, and is effective the day after Simplified Issue approval.

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